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Before & After Bariatric Surgery

Photo Gallery – Advanced Surgicare

Rebecca, 36 years old

Weight loss surgery is life-changing. See before and after pictures and details on how surgery changed Rebecca’s life:

Before surgery – November 2010
Body weight 145 kg, BMI – 51.7

rebecca-12-months-before-sleeve-gastrectomy1 (1)
rebecca-12-months-before-sleeve-gastrectomy2 (1)

12 months after
Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy
Body weight 75.75 kg, BMI – 27


Rebecca’s Weight Loss Story

Before Surgery

  • Tried exercise, starvation, hunger suppressants, but felt it was a constant struggle
  • It was a vicious circle and she felt trapped
  • Saw her friend taking control of his life after weight loss surgery
  • Opted for long life solution to manage her weight and become fit and healthy
  • Like most patients she was very skeptical, worried and thought that the operation is going to be extreme

Day Of Surgery

  • Was not nervous or scared at the thought of having surgery – she was just excited
  • Was amazed at the fact that there was no postoperative pain

After Surgery

  • Felt hard to describe the feeling of seeing the food and not having a desire to eat it
  • First big lesson after surgery – food no longer ruled her life
  • Weight started coming off, all the medical conditions disappeared and she started feeling great
  • Felt emotional while buying much smaller size clothes at the shop

1 Year Later

I now look at larger people and I can see through the masks they hold up and see the sadness they hold inside and my heart breaks for them, I know the pain they feel, emotionally, physically and mentally. For those who have never been overweight, there is no way to understand this. For me this journey has done more than just help me lose weight, it has changed me as a person, it really has given me a new life, a life that is full of happiness within myself and love for myself. I have learnt healthy eating habits, how to listen to what my body needs, when I am full and when my body ‘needs’ food, not ‘wants’ it.

If you would like to read a full Rebecca’s story – please click here.